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Tom Grin - Fear Nuttin Band - "On behalf of Fear Nuttin Band, thank you for the great sound support."

Dave Place - Phone Calls From Home - "When we work with PDP, we get the best of both worlds: The upmost professionalism and the homely feeling of endearing friendship. Every show is a great memory for us."

RB Wrenchneck - Wrenchneck - "Last nights show was straight up legendary... Huge motherluvin thanks go to Brian and David Westbrook at PDP Productions for setting up a sick stage and sound system. Those dudes are our hero's!"

Anthony Lusk-Simone - Pathogenic - "PDP knows how to do sound. Everyone's set sounded like downstairs Palladium. We've had nothing but positive experiences playing with you guys. You're about as professional as it gets for shows."

Greg McKillop - Nemes - "Nemes had an amazing time at the show you put together. We were blown away by the lighting rig, the sound system, and the general treatment of the bands. PDP Productions is well worth the time you can spend with them!"

Danny Ensanian - Sweet Hollow Drive - "PDP put on one of the best shows of our tour and handled every aspect of the production process in an extremely professional manner. The lights, the sound, and the friendly crew all contribute to the satisfaction we found in working with PDP. It's rare to find a company who respects all bands, especially touring acts. Thanks!"

Steve Aliperta - Life On Hold - "You guys are awesome! Everyone is so friendly and professional. The show was a lot of fun and you made the bands sound great! We can't wait to come back!"

Travis Guin - Bringing Back The Guillotine - "You guys know how to draw a good crowd, and put together a great show! We've had awesome times playing at the Green Teen and at Rockfest. Brian also did an really good job recording our demo for "Simpsons Did It" which will be on our upcoming EP. And the free food is pretty gnarly too!!"